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Überjazz Festival Hamburg

Tigran Hamasyan

Tigran Hamsayan (p ) Sam Minaie (b) Arthur Hnatek (dr)

Armenian pianist extraordinaire Tigran Hamaysan has got some strong backing in the music world. Among his most devoted fans you’ll find Herbie Hancock (»Tigran, you are my teacher now!«), Chick Corea and Brad Mehldau – all of them not the worst jazz piano players. But anyway Hamasyan himself is not quite sure if he actually plays jazz. His iPod is loaded with Armenian folk, trash metal, hip hop, dubstep, baroque or glowing pop. And he just finished a record with dancefloor producers LV. It is an honour to have him here. Expect a tour de force of great rhythmic complexity that will leave the world turned upside down.